Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy

Before you can accept payments with Safepay, we need to learn more about you and your business. We collect this information to comply with requirements from regulators and financial partners. Without your KYC submission, we are unable to progress your application to use Safepay.

We normally wait for you to complete your sandbox integration before sending you our KYC form. If you would like to receive this earlier please email us at

Important to note

Please read this guide in advance to prepare the kind of documents you will need to send us depending on your business type. These requirements are placed on our financial partners by the State Bank of Pakistan. You will likely be able to arrange these documents yourself, but a legal consultant or accountant can help you.

Most of our customers go through our standard KYC, but we will require additional KYC from you if you fall under the following categories:

  • You are a web hosting company
  • You are involved in drop-shipping
  • You are a charity or other non-governmental organisation
  • We think your business may put us at risk

As part of our standard KYC process we ask for the following information:

Item Reason
Your email address We need this to cross reference with the username of your Safepay Account
Your legal and commercial
We need this to conduct our checks of government databases
Type of corporate form We need this to understand the right documents and information we need from you. Please read this guide to understand what documents you will need to prepare
Scan of both sides of CNIC of applicant We need this to see who you are 
Scan of CNIC of business owner,
partners and/or directors
We need this to see who is responsible for the business
Registration documents with
FBR, SECP or any other
We need this to see that you are running a legitimate business and are declaring your 
income to the relevant authorities
Business website URL We need this to see where you will be integrating Safepay. We conduct searches of 
your website to see the products that are listed, your return and refund policy. If your
website is under development, you should finalise this before integrating with Safepay.
Our most common reason for rejecting applications is that an applicant's website is not
complete, has dummy text or inactive privacy policy. If we aren't satisfied with your
website, we will not let you integrate with Safepay. If you are using Quick Links, you do not need to have a website!

Social media profiles We use this to see what your current marketing looks like and if you have received any 
product or service reviews
Contact number We use this to call you to discuss your application
Registered address We need this to understand where in Pakistan you operate from. We do not have a
requirement that you have a physical office.
What products or services
you sell?
We need this to see if we are allowed by our financial partners, and the law, to allow 
you to use our services
Where do your customers
We need this to establish how you will arrange deliveries and returns
What is the average value
of a transaction?
We need this to determine if Safepay is the right solution for you. We also use this 
information to determine what are ordinary orders for the course of your business
What is your estimated 
monthly volume of transactions?
We use this information to determine what are ordinary monthly volumes for
your business
How long does it take for your
goods or services to be delivered
to your customers?
We use this information to determine the risk involved in your customer filing a
chargeback after having paid you using Safepay
Are you integrating Safepay for
somebody else?
We need to receive the KYC information from the business that will be using Safepay,
not the development house that is doing the integration
Whether you have a business
or personal bank account in 
You need an active bank account in Pakistan for Safepay to be able to settle transaction amounts  processed using Safepay. Please read this guide as to our requirements in relation to bank accounts you link to Safepay.

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