What is Safepay?

Safepay helps businesses in Pakistan get paid online.

Safepay partners enjoy some of the best online payment success rates and customer support in Pakistan. That's why over 250 partners and counting - including All My Tech, Faisal Fabrics, Flashsale, Nerdpapers and Flame Hosting - use Safepay as their trusted payment gateway.

In 2022 Safepay received pilot operations license from the State Bank of Pakistan. Click here to read more.

Integrating with Safepay in sandbox mode is absolutely free, however, this only lets you conduct test transactions. To start accepting actual payments in production mode you must comply with our Know Your Customer policy. Please read this to understand the kind of information we need on you and your business to onboard you to Safepay. 

Want to see Safepay in action?

Safepay offers a variety of products for our partners including Connect, Quick Links and Checkout, each with their own use cases.

  • Safepay Connect provides partners with a faster, easier way to get paid through Safepay. Just share your very own personal (getsafepay.com/connect/me/your-username) with others, and they can send you money for any reason. 

    They don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone number, or even have a Safepay account. They can just tap on your link, go to your Safepay.Me, type in the amount, and send the money.

    Checkout our own Safepay Me link and if you're inclined make a donation to Indus Hospital!
  • Safepay Quick Links provides partners with a unique URL that's designed to get you paid. Partners can login to their dashboard and easily create a Quick Links by choosing an amount, currency and adding a note to describe what the payment is for. Once created, just share the unique link with your clients or customers and they can complete the payment from anywhere in the world.

    Whether you’re a freelancer looking to bill clients, a merchant trying to accept up front payments, or a business trying to avoid hefty fees and unfair foreign exchange rates, Quick Links, gives you the flexibility to get paid on your terms.
  • Safepay Checkout is the easiest and most secure checkout solution in Pakistan. Partners can install it on their e-commerce stores in under 30 minutes through our pre-built plugins (available for Wordpress, OpenCart and WHMCS). Partners can also integrate Checkout in their own websites with our Javascript SDK.

    Safepay Checkout makes it easy for shoppers to pay the way they want, with an Intelligent Payment Button that intelligently present the most intuitive checkout flow engineered to get you paid while keeping your customers secure.

    Take our Checkout Demo for a spin and if you're feeling up to it, make a donation to Indus Hospital

Please Note 

Our demo is live, meaning that real money will be withdrawn from your account, so please choose an amount you can afford to give away 🙂

Start accepting payments with your free Safepay account

Get started with Safepay today with a free account by creating a sandbox account for testing payments and a production account when you're ready to go live.

You can create your two accounts here:

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