Template Website Policies

Any business we onboard to accept live payments is required to have a website which displays proper policies for their customers. This is a requirement of the State Bank of Pakistan placed on Safepay. 

We have tried to make this as simple as possible for you by providing some templates for general terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions and other policies for shipping, complaints, cancellations and returns/refunds here: Shipping, Complaints, Cancellations and Return/Refund Policies. Copy and paste the documents in to a text editor (like Microsoft Word, or Google Docs) and change this to suit your business. Make sure to have this uploaded to your website where you want to accept online payments. Our onboarding team will review this as part of our merchant onboarding process. 

Having detailed terms and conditions and policies governing the website is a good business practice and helps your customer understand the terms on which you do your business with them. This includes if you are producing customized goods (e.g. a bridal dress or furniture) as well as if you do or do not have a refund policy. Having detailed terms and conditions and policies which are based on how your business operates gives you more protection against chargebacks. This saves both you and Safepay time and money. 

Your terms and conditions and policies are provided to payment schemes in the event there is dispute with your customer, for example, if they have filed a chargeback with their bank but your terms and conditions clearly state that you do not accept returns or refunds. We understand that drafting the above required policies for your website takes time, but what is important is that it actually provides the terms on which you operate your business and avoid disputes. 

Accepting deposit amounts or pre-orders using Safepay? Businesses sometimes need to be paid in advance before they start work on a product. This usually applies to bespoke clothe manufacturers but can also apply to other types of businesses such as catering, furniture manufacturers and jewelers. If this applies to you read this guide to understand what information we need from you. 

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