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Increased information on payment details available

Payment details are now also updated with information from any discount card schemes you create. Read this guide to learn more. 

We have split this guide into a layered format. Click through to which section is relevant to you. 

  1. Transaction History
  2. User Details
  3. Billing Details
  4. Payment Details
  5. Payment Method

Viewing Payment Details

You can view details for each payment by clicking the three dots at the end of every transaction line and clicking on View Payment Details as shown below. 

This will open the following page with detailed information for the chosen transaction.

Transaction History

  • Type: This displays the journey of your customer's card from when they enter their card details through Safepay to the point you receive that payment from them. You will see the following information in relation to most payments:
    • Payer Authentication Enrollment: This means that the cardholder is enrolled in payer authentication and must authenticate themselves before continuing with the transaction. This usually means that the customer will receive a verification message from their card issuer such as a one-time-passcode (OTP). Not all cards have auth enrollment so for some payments this will not appear.
    • Card Authorization: An authorization confirms the cardholder’s ability to pay. The card issuer verifies the customer's ability to pay by checking their available funds. If there are sufficient funds, it reduces the cardholder's available credit balance by the amount of the authorization and responds to the authorization request with an approval.

      Please Note

      In some instances a card issuer may prevent the customer from completing a transaction for some reason. In other words, there is no settlement. If a customer's card only appears as authorized, they will likely have got a notification from their card issuer that money was devoted to the transaction. No money will have actually left your customer's account so tell them not to worry. Click the Reverse button to release the authorization for your customer. No money will have actually left your customer's account so tell them not to worry. 

    • Settlement: The transaction has been successful. Your Safepay account will be updated instantly to reflect the increase in volume you have processed using Safepay. 
  • Request ID: This is the unique identifier that ties each event to a tracker. Use this along with the tracker when contacting support with problems with payments.
  • Reason: A reason code is a response from our servers for production transactions submitted. The most common are the following: 
    • 100 - Successful 
    • 101 - Declined - The request is missing one or more fields
    • 102 - Declined - One or more fields in the request contains invalid data.
    • 475 - The cardholder is enrolled in Payer Authentication. Please authenticate the cardholder before continuing with the transaction.
    • 203 - General decline of the card. This usually happens when the issuing bank declines the transaction. Your customer should contact his bank to approve the transaction before trying again.
    • 208 - Inactive card or card not authorized for card-not-present transactions. Request a different card or other form of payment.
    • 476 - Encountered a Payer Authentication problem. Payer could not be authenticated.
  • Description: This explains what the reason code means. 

User Details

  • ID: This is the unique identifier of the user that made the purchase. Use this with the tracker when contacting support with user related issues like fraud, or payment issues.
  • First name: Customer first name they have provided to Safepay.
  • Last name: Customer last name they have provided to Safepay.
  • Email: Customer email address they have provided to Safepay.
  • Phone number: Customer phone number they have provided to Safepay.

Billing Details

  • Address: Address linked to card used on Safepay for this particular transaction.
  • City: City linked to card used on Safepay for this particular transaction.
  • Country: Country linked to card used on Safepay for this particular transaction.

Payment Details

  • Amount: Gross amount of the payment in the relevant currency the customer has been charged in. Currently this is USD or PKR.
  • Forex Rate: Foreign exchange rate that was applied.
  • Converted Amount: Amount in PKR following application of forex rate.
  • Grand Total: Total fee paid.

Payment method

  • Authorization Code: This is a code sent from the card issuer to authorize each transaction. Use this code when contacting support with issues related to disputes.
  • Decision: This is the overall decision of the transaction. Can be one of ERROR or REJECT or ACCEPT. 
    • ERROR means a system error.
    • REJECT means the payment was declined.
    • ACCEPT means a successful transaction occurred. 
  • Reason: Read here to learn about reasons.
  • Authorization Request Id: The Request ID that identifies the authorization event.
  • Settlement Request Id: The Request ID that identifies the settlement event.
  • Authorization Token: The Request ID that identifies the authorization model.
  • Capture Token: The Request ID that identifies the settlement model.
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