How to setup discounts on Safepay

Important to note

If you are applying a card-based discount, you should make this apparent through a banner on the header of each page of your website. An example of this is stating "All online transactions using Bank XYZ credit cards receive 15% off at checkout. Discount will be applied after clicking Make Payment on Safepay".

Having such a banner will reassure your customers that following the payment the discount will be applied. This will also minimise transaction drop-outs because customers will know a discount will be applied following completion of the checkout process. 

Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing strategy for your business. Many merchants build relationships with banks to offer cardholders with different tiers of cards, discounts on goods and services purchased. To offer these types of discounts through Safepay, merchants can now create percentage based discounts configured with various rules and strategies for different types of credit and debit cards.

This document is provided in a layered format:

  1. How do discounts work?
  2. How do discounts work for your customers?
  3. How do you see payments that have been discounted?
  4. Common questions

How do discounts work?

Using the Safepay dashboard, you can offer your customers a percentage discount on products that you sell online. You can also specify a minimum order amount before the discount will be applied as well as a maximum discount amount. You can then associate multiple card schemes to the discount and enable it to allow your customers to avail the discount during checkout.

Let's imagine we want to convert this table into discounts on Safepay. From this table we can see that the first row offers HBL Platinum Credit, World Debit and Visa Tier Platinum card holders a discount of 20%, provided that their purchase is at least Rs 1500. Additionally, the discount availed per customer should not exceed Rs 5000. Similarly, the second row offers a 15% discount to all HBL Gold Debit Card users with no minimum purchase requirement or maximum discount amount. The third row is similar to the first in that it offers all MCB VCD Platinum and CC Platinum card holders a 30% discount provided their purchase amount is at least Rs 2000 with the total discount availed not exceeding Rs 3000.

Habib Bank 490288, 403935, 517420 HBL Platinum Credit, World Debit and Visa Tier Platinum Cards
  • 20%
  • Min purchase Rs 1500
  • Max discount available Rs 5000
Habib Bank 539160 HBL Gold Debit Card
  • 15%
MCB 428669, 470556
VCD Platinum, CC Platinum
  • 30%
  • Min purchase Rs 2000
  • Max discount available Rs 3000

Steps to create a percentage discount

  • From your Safepay dashboard, go to Discounts.

  • From the Discounts page, click Create new Discount.

  • In the modal that shows up, give your discount a name (in this case lets call it Habib Bank).

  • Next, go to Price Rules.

  • From the Price Rules page, click Create Price Rule (this appears when you click on Discounts from your merchant dashboard).
  • In the modal that shows up, search for the discount in the dropdown (Habib Bank) in this case. Proceed to fill in the rest of the fields. 
    • 20% value based discount.
    • Rs 1500 minimum subtotal (Optional).
    • Rs 5000 maximum discount (Optional).

  • Next go to Card Schemes (this appears when you click on Discounts from your merchant dashboard).

  • From the Card Schemes Page, click Create Card scheme In the modal that shows up, search for the price rule that shows up in the dropdown (0- 20%) in this case. 

  • Add in the card patterns you wish to target. (490288, 403935, 517420, in this case).

    Important to note

    The card patterns that you enter must be a comma separated list of 6 digit numbers as shown above

  • To activate the discount, go back to the Discounts page and click the three dots next to the discount you have created and select Update.

  • Toggle the switch to enable the discount and click Save.

  • Your discount is now live and available for your customers to use.

  • To disable your discount, click the three dots next to the discount you want to disable and select Update.
  • Toggle the switch to disable the discount and click Save.

  • To Archive the discount, click the three dots next to the discount you want to archive and select Archive.

How do discounts work for your customers?

 When making a purchase through Safepay, your customer will proceed as usual, filling in all the required details including their card, billing and contact details. Once they click MakePayment, Safepay will first see if they qualify for any discounts configured for your store based on the card pattern and any price rules configured. If they don’t qualify for a discount, the payment will continue as normal. However, if they do qualify for a discount, they will see a screen showing them the discount amount.

  • Clicking on Apply my discount will continue the payment with the discounted amount applied to your customer’s total purchase.
  • Additionally, in the receipt your customer receives from Safepay, the amount of the discount along with the net amount charged will be displayed.

How do you see payments that have been discounted?

If you as a merchant want to see which payments have had a discount applied to them, you can do so through the dashboard. Navigate to the Payment Details Page for the payment you’re interested in exploring and if that payment has had a discount applied to it, you will see a few new things. Read this guide to learn more about the Payments Details Page. 

  • Firstly, right at the top, you’ll see the actual price that was charged to the customer along with the original price greyed out next to it.

  • Scrolling down the page, you will also see a new section that describes the discount amount, which discount was applied as well as the BIN number of the customer’s card that was used in the transaction.

  • Finally, in the receipt sent by Safepay to your registered email address, there will be an additional line item that details the amount that was discounted for the purchase.

Common questions:

  • Can I edit discount settings?
    • Yes you can fully edit your discounts.
  • Can I attach multiple Card Schemes to a single Price Rule?
    • Yes, you can create one price rule and use that to control multiple discounted card schemes
  • Can I attach multiple Price Rules to a single Discount?
    • Yes. Let’s assume you have two sets of Habib Bank Card Schemes with different Price Rules for each group of cards. You can group both of those under the same parent Discount and call it Habib Bank Card Discounts, for example
  • How do discounts work for multiple currencies?
    • Discounts will work regardless of what currency you charge your customer in, however there are certain things to note. If you configure your Price Rule with a minimum purchase amount or a maximum discount amount, these values are assumed to be in PKR. This means that at the time of purchase, if your customer is being charged in USD, the purchase amount is first converted into PKR based on the exchange rate. Then, that converted amount is used to test against the Price Rule configured for the discount. If the customer qualifies for the discount, it is converted back into USD applied. 
    • For example, consider a $10 purchase with an exchange rate of Rs.150. If you have created a 10% discount with maximum discount of Rs100, then these are the steps that will follow:
    1. $10 will be converted to Rs 1500

2. 10% will be applied, which equals Rs150

3. Since this is greater than your max discount, Rs100 will be used.

4. Rs100 will be converted back to $0.67

5. Your customer will be discounted $0.67 for his purchase.

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