Payments dashboard

To learn more about your payments go to  Payments > Payments from your merchant dashboard as shown below:

This will open your payments dashboard:

View Payment Detail: This will open a detailed payment page with all details of the payment. Read this guide to learn more about Payment Details. 

Payment Status

You will normally view the following payment statuses for a transaction:

This means that your customer's transaction has just begun and is in the first stage of the payment process. 

This means that your customer has completed the next step of the payment process. If the customer proceeds with the next payment step successfully (usual entry of an OTP code generated by their card issuer) this status will change to captured. However, in some instances, their card issuer may prevent the customer from completing the transaction for some reason. If a customer's card is showing only as authorized (not captured), your customer will likely have got a notification from their card issuer that money was devoted because his card was authorized. Click the Reverse button to release the authorization for your customer. No money will have actually left your customer's account so tell them not to worry. 

The customer has canceled this transaction. No further action is required by you. 

The payment has been captured and has settled in Safepay's account. The amount will be reflected in your gross volume. Read this guide to learn more about your Merchant Dashboard.

Refunded: A transaction that has been refunded. When you issue a refund for a Settled transaction, the status of that transaction changes to Refunded. Read this guide to learn more about refunds. 

If you have refunded a partial amount, after this the payment status will change to Partial refund as shown below.

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