How to create and share Quick Links

Don’t have an e-commerce website? Need a customer to make an extra payment without having to place an order on your website? Send a Quick Link instead.

  1. What is a Quick Link?
  2. How to generate and send a manual Quick Link
  3. How to generate and send multiple Quick Links
  4. How to update a Quick Link
  5. How to refund a Quick Link payment
  6. Quick Link dashboard guide

A Quick Link is the fastest and most convenient way to get paid by your customers. Its the same Safepay experience for your customer but without having integrated Safepay Checkout on your website.

A Quick Link is a request for payment in the form of a unique link you generate and send to a customer anywhere and at any time. Share the generated link through email, Whatsapp or even Instagram.

When the link is clicked, your customer is taken to Safepay’s secure hosted page that details how much money you are requesting and for what purpose. The customer can make a payment with Safepay using their bank account or mobile wallet. 

Following a successful payment, you and your customer will receive email notifications that the transaction has been authorized. As with the normal Safepay Checkout, following a successful transaction the funds will reach your linked bank account you according to this settlement timeline.

Still confused? You can read more here on our blog.

  • From your Merchant Dashboard click Invoices, and then click Quick Links from the dropdown options (see below).

  • Click on the green button on the Quick Links page. 
  • A pop up window for the creation of a Quick Link will open (this has now been updated to allow for delivery to up to 10 customers).Please make sure the Although you can choose USD as a payment option on Safepay, you cannot accept payment in USD. You should only create a Quick Link in PKR. Please make sure the amount for quick link is greater than PKR 1.

Please note 

Safepay does not currently reconcile with your internal invoicing system. We recommend that you record as much information in the additional notes section of each Quick Link. This is so that you are able to reconcile payments made to you through Quick Links and your internal invoice generation procedures. 

Information such as customer name, date, order reference number and details of products or services provided will not only help you keep track of different payments, it will give your customers confidence that they are actually paying you 🙂.

  • Now you’re all set to proceed to send the Quick Link for payment to your customer. Just copy the link from your Quick Links dashboard screen like below.

  • As long as your customer has not paid you, you are easily able to update the Quick Link. Clicking the three dots next to the Quick Link will allow you to update the amount you are requesting to be paid by your customer. You are only able to  update the Quick Link as long as its status is created. Once payment has been processed you won’t be able to make any changes. The link also remains the same so no need to resend another link to your customer. The link they have received will be automatically updated. 

  • Send the link through email, Whatsapp or even Instagram. As long as your customer can click on the Quick Link in a web environment, they can access the Quick Link to pay you. See below to see how your customer will view the link when they receive it on Whatsapp.

Important to note

Always send a Quick Link to your customer through a secure medium. All Quick Links are encrypted and all information contained therein is secure. You should only send the Quick Link to the relevant customer who needs to pay you. The customer will receive the Quick Link through the medium you have chosen.

  • Clicking the link will take your customer to the Safepay Checkout page like below. Your customer can now easily pay you using Safepay Checkout. They will see a pop-up through which they are able to choose their preferred method of payment.

  • Please read this guide to see how your customer would pay you.  
  • Once the payment is processed you, and your customer, will receive an email notification from Safepay. You can check the updated status of the Quick Link on your Quick Link dashboard. Click on payment to view details of the transaction. The payment details page will show complete details of the transaction as shown below.

  • You can now send separate Quick Links to your customers directly through email. This means that if you are charging a number of customers the same amount, you can just generate a Quick Link once and send these to up to 10 of your customers. This saves you time instead of having to individually generate separate Quick Links and send these one by one through email.
  • You can choose to send unique links (charging the same amount) to up to 10 different email addresses. Once you have created and sent these links, you will be re-directed to your Quick Links dashboard.

  • Safepay cannot currently process refunds from its system. This means that clicking on the Refund button does not result in your customer being refunded. Read this guide to learn more about how you can handle refunds.

Status of the payment.

Amount with currency identifiers. 

Quick Link which you will send to your customer.

Any additional remarks or notes you entered into the Quick Link.

Create a new Quick Link.

By clicking the three dots you can go to the payment screen or delete the Quick Link.

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