How to refund bank account payment

Currently to refund your customer for payments using the NIFT e-pay or PayFast channels (bank and mobile wallet transfers), you will have to process refunds from outside the Safepay system. This means that you will have to refund your customer either through a separate bank transfer or otherwise (cash, next order is free etc)

Refunds are your responsibility

We have a strict policy against merchants that do not promptly refund their paying customers in relation to a valid dispute. Safepay is made aware of any escalation of a dispute through its financial partners. Failure to refund a payment based on a valid complaint from your customer can result in us suspending your Safepay Account pursuant to our Terms of Service and Use and reporting your activity to our financial partners and the relevant authorities.

Make online payments in Pakistan safer, refund your customers promptly.

You can mark the payment as refunded on the Safepay dashboard for your own records. This is purely for maintaining your own records in relation to which transactions you have processed using Safepay. 

Go to your payments list which shows all the transactions that you have processed using Safepay. You can access this by clicking on Choose the transaction that you want to refund. Let’s say it is the transaction that has been captured below. as shown below.

  • Choose the transaction that you want to refund. Let’s say it is the transaction 876752 that has been captured below. 

  • Click

  • Input the amount you are refunding in the pop up that appears so that it reflects in your dashboard. Remember that this step will not reimburse your customer. This is purely for maintaining your accounting on the Safepay Dashboard.

  • The transaction will show as Refunded in the transaction details.

  • The transaction will show as Refunded in payments

  • Depending on whether you provide a partial refund or a full refund, your customer will receive an email notification like below to confirm the refund.

  • A merchant will receive the following confirmation of a refund having taken place through email. You should retain this for your records and reconciliation in future.

Refund charges 

As Safepay is not handling the refund, there are no charges we apply to this. The Safepay fees charged to the merchant on the original transaction will not be returned.

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