What bank account to link to Safepay

The bank account you link to Safepay depends on how your business is registered in Pakistan.

At the time of on-boarding with Safepay we will require your bank account details. We need this in order to settle that account with the net transaction amount processed using the Safepay Services. Please note that your linked bank account will be credited with funds after deduction of Safepay charges.

Please note 

We also require a validly issued bank account maintenance certificate from your bank with certain information available within it so we can verify the account to which you will be making transfers 

Business type Bank account
  • Sole - proprietor account (under name of sole - proprietor)
  • Partnership account (under name of partnership)
  • Company account (under the name of the company)

Bank account maintenance certificate

You can receive a bank account maintenance certificate from the branch of the bank with which your account has been opened. You should contact your branch manager (or branch operations manager) over the phone or email to arrange this before appearing at the bank.

In our experience, you should be able to receive such a certificate within 1-2 business days. Ask your bank to provide you both a hard (printed) and soft (electronic) copy. Once you have received the soft copy please forward this to support@getsafepay.com with a small note as to the business you are applying to Safepay with. 

Each bank in Pakistan has different formatting for a bank account maintenance certificate. However, all certificates will usually have the following information. We require this information to approve your Safepay Account, and a bank account maintenance certificate is the securest way for us to validate this.


Note Reason
1 Reference number corresponding to internal bank records.
We need this for any correspondence we might have with  your bank
2 The certificate should be issued within the last 4 weeks before
you submit your KYC documentation to Safepay
3 We need to know the name under which the account
has been created. 

  • Proprietors: We expect to see the name of the proprietor
  • Partnership: We expect to see the name of the partnership
  • Company: We expect to see the name of the company
4 We need to see the account number to update our systems
to handle transfers made out to you
5 We need to know the period of time since which the account
has been opened
6 Name of the account - for reference purposes
7 IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - for reference purposes
8 Bank and branch name - for reference purposes 
9 Status - Active or dormant. We only allow transfers to active accounts
10 Nature - Current account or savings. We expect to see a current account
11 Depending on the business type different information may be provided
12 For authentication and verification purposes
13 For authentication and verification purposes
14 For authentication and verification purposes
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