E-commerce website policy

We want to make online shopping in Pakistan more secure and trustworthy. 

With Safepay you can expect to receive payments from anywhere in the world. We expect your website and business to be prepared to handle visitors and your paying customers from anywhere in the world.

We also want your customers to be reassured when they see the Safepay sign at your checkout page. We take time to learn about each of our merchants and only authorise those that are committed to providing their customers with the best online experience. 

By creating a Safepay account you agree to that you will display the following information on your website (please see Clause 9.4 of our Terms of Service and Use which you agree to by creating an account with Safepay):

  • complete description of the goods and/or services that are displayed on your website
  • refund and return policy
  • customer service contact including electronic mail address
  • export restrictions (if applicable)
  • delivery policy
  • authentic country of domicile
  • customer data privacy policy

One of the main reasons why we reject applications to use Safepay is because your website is deficient or misleading in some regard. This includes things like:

  • Using stock images - you should use images that reflect the goods that you are selling
  • Displaying images of products which have copyright material (for example, if you are selling watches and are showing this by displaying an image of a well-recognised brand such as Rolex). Unless you are selling a genuine Rolex, you should not be displaying an image of a Rolex on your website
  • Not having terms and conditions 
  • Not having a return or refund policy that is customised for your website and the items that you are selling (for example, if you are selling perishable goods like fresh food or are selling video content). If you are selling services, your return and refund policy should cover the situation where your customer is not satisfied with the service that they have received from you
  • Making reference to another country of domicile - for example, stating that you have a registered address outside of Pakistan if you do not actually have one. In any event, you must display that your business is based in Pakistan
  • Displaying dummy testimonials from customers on your website - for example testimonials from individuals in different countries when you only fulfil within Pakistan
  • Not displaying your portfolio on your website - if you are a web development agency or digital marketing agency, you should be able to display this on your website or send this to us at Safepay so that we are able to authenticate your business
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