How do I manage my team on Safepay

Building a business isn't a solo affair, and so today we’re launching support for inviting your whole team to Safepay. Now, everyone can have their own login credentials to a shared Safepay account.

Since our launch, having multiple logins for your Safepay account has been one of our most requested features, and we're excited to finally make this available.

In your account settings you'll find a new organization settings tab. From here you can invite new users to your Safepay account, remove existing users, and even change your team members' permissions. That's right, your new users also come with their very own set of permissions. This means you can invite your support team without giving them access to your banking details, or your accountant without letting them refund your payments.

Changes to existing accounts

All new accounts will automatically come equipped with support for organizations so if you register today, you can immediately start inviting your team. If you have an existing account on Safepay you can opt-in to take advantage of this new feature if you want to since it’s not enabled by default.

One of the first changes you’ll notice is when you try to log in to your account. When you log in to your Safepay dashboard, you will see a section to "Select Accounts" on the top. On default, you will be logged in to your very first account that you became a part of but if you want to switch to another account you can select from the section above. Watch this short video clip that helps describe the new login flow

Team settings

Once you sign in to the company of your choice, if you’re the account owner or an administrator you may want to invite additional team members to join your organization. In order to achieve this the owner or an administrator for a Safepay account can invite new team members to access a Safepay account from the dashboard under the Account Settings.

To add a new team member:

  1. Log into the Safepay dashboard and navigate to the settings icon 
  2. Select Organization
  3. Add the email address of the team member to invite to the Safepay account. Note: Only one user member can be invited at a time, and when adding an email address please make sure to press enter after you’re satisfied with the email address.
  4. Choose the role most appropriate for this particular user.
  5. Click Send Invite to send the invitational email.

Watch this short video clip that describes how to invite a user to your team.

Selecting a user role

There are four user roles that you can choose from when adding a team member to your account, each with increasing restrictions on the actions they can take:

Role Description
Administrator The user has the same level of access as the account owner and can view API keys, change account settings, invite new users, etc. Administrators cannot delete or make changes to the account owner. 
Developer The user cannot manage team members on your Safepay account, update bank account information, or edit payout settings (make transfers). They can refund transactions, create and delete quick links and update your connect page
Support The user cannot update any account settings or view API keys. They also cannot view summarized financial reports, aggregate payment information, inspect payouts from Safepay to your bank account. They can refund payments but they cannot delete Quick Links.
View Only The user has read-only access to all payment information in your account.

If an invited user doesn’t have a Safepay account, they receive an invitation to join your account via email. A user with an existing account is prompted to log in, and can then switch between accounts.

Responding to an Invitation

If you’ve been invited to join an existing Safepay account you will receive an invitation in your inbox. If you have an existing Safepay account, you will only have to respond to the invitation and either accept (if you’d like to join) or ignore the invitation (if you don’t want to join). If you don’t have an existing Safepay account, you will be prompted to choose a password at the time you’re accepting the invitation. Once you’ve chosen a secure password and accepted the invitation, you will be able to login to Safepay and choose the organization you want to sign into. Watch this short video clip that demonstrates how to respond to an invitation.

Roles & Permissions

When accessing the dashboard of a specific Safepay account, you will have a specific role assigned to you by the administrator or account owner. These roles are described above but to elaborate, each role can and cannot do certain tasks. For example, the Developer role can update API Keys but the Support role cant view them. Only Administrators can add bank accounts or request transfers, while Developers & Support cannot view that information. Support members cannot even view payout or bank account information. 

Editing a team member

If you’re an account administrator or an account owner, you can edit the role of any team member in your organization. Watch this short clip that shows how to achieve this.

Removing a team member

If you’re an account administrator or an account owner, you can easily remove any team member from your organization. There are a few caveats:

  1. Account owners cannot be removed
  2. Account administrators cannot remove themselves

Any team member that is removed will receive an email telling them that they are removed. Once they are removed, they will no longer be able to access your dashboard on Safepay. Watch this short video clip to understand how to remove team members.


We think this makes using Safepay even more flexible than before, and we hope you agree. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this feature and the rest of your Safepay experience, so please get in touch!

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