How to set up Safepay Checkout for Opencart

Firstly, we highly recommend you create a backup of your site before installing any new plugins or extensions. 

Step 1: Download the plug-in

  • Navigate to the Safepay GitHub page and click safepay-opencart-plugin (as shown in the video below).
  •  Access the plugins that are available from the opencart-extensions folder. 
  • Download the plugin that corresponds to the version of OpenCart that you use. You can see what version of OpenCart you use from your admin panel.
  • Find and zip the upload folder and rename this as
  • Once downloaded, open the folder and make sure all the necessary files and folders are present. If the files have been downloaded in zip format, make sure to unzip these before proceeding. 

Step 2:  Installation

  • Go to Extensions > Extension Installer from your OpenCart admin panel (as shown in the image below).
  • Click Upload next to the Upload File command and locate the file

  • After installing the extension, go to Extension > Modifications and refresh the OpenCart cache.
  •  Go to System > Users > User groups > Select and select a user group and assign access and modification permissions to extensions/payments/safepay (as shown below). 

Important to note

If you receive the following message INTERNAL SERVER ERROR while uploading and extracting the plugin please make sure Zip Archive module is installed & enabled in your web hosting under PHP Pear Packages.

Step 3: Changing permissions

  • If you are using an OpenCart version less than or equal to go to System > Users > User groups > Select a group of users from your admin panel and assign access or modification permissions to "payments/safepay".
  • If you are using an OpenCart version greater than or equal to go to System > Users > User groups > Select a user group and assign access or modification permissions to "extensions/payments/safepay".

Step 4: Configuring the extension

  • Go to Extensions > Payments from your admin panel.

  • Scroll down and click on the install button next to Safepay. Go to Extensions > Payments. Click on the edit button, next to Safepay.

  •  Setup your credentials and settings and start using Safepay as shown in the video below.
  • If there is  any confusion please follow detailed video tutorial below:

Important notes

  • For a custom theme (or non-default theme), if your checkout still uses the standard stepped checkout like the one in default theme, our plugin should work for you. 
  • Our plugin has been tested and is compatible with default theme, Journal2 and Journal3 themes using stepped checkout. Our standard plugin is not compatible with quick checkout. 
  • If your checkout uses any extension which has turned it into a quick checkout or one page checkout - not stepped like the default one -, it may be necessary to make changes to the extension so that it is compatible with your OpenCart store. In case you need a custom theme integration please contact us at
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