Connect for payers

Are you paying a merchant or organisation through their Safepay Page? This document will explain how you can proceed to payment easily and securely.

  • When you click on the link the following pop up will appear with no amount. The images below are for demonstration purposes only, it is likely that your merchant or organization has customized their Safepay Page with their logo and branding. 

  • You can choose the amount to pay the merchant or organization, and can also specify a note to go along with the payment. We think this makes it easier to keep track of what has been paid and for what purpose Connect is being used. 

  • If you want to change the currency that you want to pay in, you can simply click or tap on the currency symbol and it will toggle between PKR and USD. Below is an image of the same amount in the images above, but in PKR rather than USD.

  • Click Pay and the following screen will appear.

  • Click on Safepay Checkout and fill out your card and billing details in our secure payment form that is generated. Read this guide on to how you make a payment using Safepay Checkout.

  • Confirm the payment and simply checkout with Safepay. Upon successfully competing the transaction the following screen should appear.

  • Upon successfully competing the transaction, you will receive automated email notifications describing the payment at the email address you have provided.

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