Connect for merchants

Connect is the easiest way to collect payments from anywhere the world. Whether you're hosting a fundraising drive or accepting donations, Connect allows you to get paid in a few clicks without even having your own website or having to send a Quick Link.

Simply create a Safe Page and post the link to this anywhere you want to. Anyone who needs or wants to pay you can access the link and choose the amount they want to pay, and which currency. 

  1. How to create a Safe Page
  2. How do you get paid through your Safe Page

How to create a Safe Page

  • From your Merchant Dashboard click Invoices > Connect (see below)

  • Click on the green button Create your page

  • Set up your page by choosing a Safe ID, default currency and theme. You can update these features in the future. Each Safe Page is uniquely identified by its Safe ID. Safe IDs let anyone create a personalized name.

  •  After choosing what information you want to be displayed click create.

  • A unique Safe Page link has now been created. You can always update your page by clicking on Update your page. To see how your page looks to a customer that will pay you, click on the icon next to the link.

  • This is what your customers or donors will see when they click on your Safe Page link.

How do you get paid through your Safe Page?

  • You can share your Safe Page link anywhere and start getting paid through this. We've provided examples of images from a store that we've created for this guide below. When the person paying you clicks your Safe Page link, a pop-up will appear like below.

  • The payer enters the amount they want to pay you and enters the reason that they are paying you. The payer can change the currency in which they are paying you by clicking on the currency symbol. The example below shows how the same amount displayed in USD and PKR - your customer can decide in which currency to pay you. 

  • When the payer clicks pay the following will show up (depending on the currency that was chosen).

  • When the payer clicks Safepay Checkout our secure payment form is generated. Read this guide on to how you make a payment using Safepay Checkout.

  • If the payment is successful, the payer will see the below message.

  • Your merchant dashboard will update to show the status of the transaction. To access the payment details just click on the transaction. Read this guide to learn more about the details that you can access on each transaction and how you can make refunds or reverse any transaction. 

  • Upon successfully completing the transactions, both parties will receive automated email notifications describing the payment.

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