Refunding your customer

Easily refund your customers by following these steps from your merchant dashboard:

  • Go to your payments list which shows all the transactions that you have processed using Safepay. You can access this by clicking on Payments > Payments as shown below.

  • Choose the transaction that you want to refund. Let’s say it is the transaction that has been captured below. You can only refund captured transactions.

  • Click on 

  • Choose

  • The following confirmation screen will appear - just choose the amount that you wish to refund (it needs to be equal to lower than the actual transaction amount) click on Refund Transaction, and you will have successfully refunded your customer that amount. If you want to refund your customer the entire amount of the transaction, simply put in the entire amount. In this example, we are refunding USD 2,000 from a USD 4,776 transaction. 

  • Alternatively, when you click

  •  Choose

  • The following detailed information in relation to the captured payment will appear:

  • Click Refund.
  • The same confirmation screen shown above will appear. Just choose the amount to refund click Refund Transaction, and and you will have successfully refunded your customer that amount.

  • If you have refunded a partial amount, after this the payment status will change to Partial refund as shown below.

  • If you want to proceed to refund the entire amount, when you click Refund again, the pop-up window will display the balance outstanding from the transaction that you can refund. In our example, we have already provided a USD 2,000 partial refund, therefore the maximum refund we can provide as shown below is USD 2,776 (USD 4,776 less USD 2,000). 

  • If the entire amount is refunded, the transactions status changes from Partial Refund to Refunded as shown below.

  • Depending on whether you provide a partial refund or a full refund, your customer will receive an email notification like below to confirm the refund.

  • A merchant will receive the following confirmation of a refund having taken place through email.

Refund charges 

Safepay does not currently charge any fees for merchants processing refunds. On the completion of a refund your customer will receive the entire amount they paid. The Safepay fees charged to the merchant on the original transaction will not be returned.

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