How to make transfers from Safepay

This document explains how you make a transfer from your Safepay account to your own bank account. Read this guide to learn how to set up your bank account on Safepay.

When your customer uses Safepay to pay you, their payment does not go directly to your own bank account. The money first settles in Safepay’s merchant account from which you have to request a transfer.

How to request a transfer

Transfers through Safepay are super simple. With a couple of clicks you can transfer your balance with Safepay to your added bank account or accounts.

  • Login to your Safepay account and click on Balance > Banks to reach the screen shown below.

  • Click on the circled button as shown above.

  • First select the relevant account to which you want to transfer the money from the drop down. All your added bank accounts will appear here. You can only choose one bank account for a particular transfer.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and click

  • To check the status of your transfers you can go to the Transfers page by on Balance > Transfers as shown below.

This will show the available amount in your account for withdrawal to your bank and list of scheduled Transfers.

Your total available balance in your Safepay account (this reflects refunds that have been made)

Bank name

Account number

Gross Transfer amount (without fees applicable)

Net amount of transfer (with any fees applicable deducted) 

Deducted fee on transfer. Currently there are no fees payable on transfers from your Safepay account to your bank account

This shows the transfer status. 

This will either be processing where a transfer has been initiated. This will change to successful when the transfer has been successful.

The date when the money should settle in your bank account

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