How to add your bank account to Safepay

This document explains how you add a bank account to your Safepay account. Click here to see our video tutorial.

You can add up to 4 bank accounts to your Safepay account. You are able to make transfers from your Safepay account to any bank account of yours in Pakistan. Read here to learn about how you request a transfer from Safepay.

To set up or change your bank account (or bank accounts) on Safepay, login to your dashboard and click on Balance > Banks as shown below.

Institution: Your bank

Name: Account name

Account: Account number 

Created: Date that bank account was added to Safepay

Transfer: Opens transfer pop up window. Read this guide to learn more about how to make a transfer from your Safepay account to your bank account. 

How to add a bank account

  • Click.

  • Enter your bank account details in the pop-up window. 

  • Click.
  • You have successfully added your bank account to Safepay.
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