Can I pass my transaction charges to my customers?

At the moment, Safepay does not allow merchants to automatically pass transaction charges to customers.  Since we do not offer this feature, this is something you (the merchant) will have to achieve on your end. 

There are two ways to achieve this:

  • You can mark-up your prices, so you get close to the amount you want to receive.
    So instead of charging Rs5,000 you can instead charge Rs5,200, which would come down to Rs4,998.40 at the standard 3.3% + Rs30 transaction fee.
  • Alternatively, you can design your platform in such a way that a charge is applied right before the customer has to pay. This can be achieved using a simple formula:

    For transactions of Rs 5000 for example:
    ({Payment Amount} + Rs30) / (1 – 0.033) = Final Amount

    The "Final Amount" is the amount you should pass to your customers.  Using the formula above, for a transaction that costs Rs5,000, your customer will pay Rs5,201.65.  This will come down to exactly Rs5000 once we deduct transaction charge at 3.3% + Rs30.
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