How much does Safepay charge for international transactions?

Important to note

Please note that you can conduct international transactions in both Pakistani Rupees or US Dollars. This means that both local and international customers can pay in either USD or PKR. By default, all transactions in US Dollars (USD) are charged and settled in Pakistani Rupees, however for international transactions, your customers will be charged in the currency you initiated the transaction in.

For example, if you conduct a transaction for $100 (USD) your customer will be charged $100 (USD) and if they reside outside of the United States, their bank will handle the conversion for them and deduct the appropriate amount. On Safepay's side, the $100 (USD) will be converted into Rs15,000 (PKR) (assuming an exchange rate of $1 to Rs150). After conversion, the appropriate fees will be deducted and the resulting amount (Rs 14,475) will be deposited into your Safepay Business Account. 

At this time, you cannot choose to get settled in USD. We hope you understand and help us in our cause to strengthen the Pakistani Rupee.

For prices set in Pakistani Rupees

We charge 3.3% + Rs30 per successful transaction even if your customer is not in Pakistan.

For prices set in US Dollars

We charge 3.3% + Rs30 per successful transaction after the amount has been converted to Pakistani Rupees at mid-market exchange rates

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