Actions on Subscriptions page

How to filter/search a subscription on your merchant dashboard:

  • From the plan details page you will be able to view the subscriptions associated with the plan you have created on your merchant dashboard. 
  • On the search bar enter the specific subscription ID you need to locate,
  • Press enter 

How do you Pause Resume and Cancel Subscriptions?

  • On the Subscriptions subtab you should click on the individual subscription that you wish to edit.
  • Now on the top right corner you’ll find a Pause, Resume and Cancel button.

  • To Pause an individual subscription you can click on the Pause button which will open up a tab with 3 options.

  • Keep as Ready: Choose to retain payment readiness during subscription pause, and automatically adjust the billing cycle for uninterrupted service when the pause ends.

  • Mark Uncollectible: Opt for marking the payment transaction as 'Uncollectible' during the pause, indicating no collection attempts during this period. Ideal for maintaining clear billing records.

  • Mark Void: Select this option to 'Void' the payment transaction during the pause, rendering it null and preventing any accidental payment processing. A safeguard for accurate financial records.

How to resume a subscription:

  • To Resume an individual subscription you can click on the Resume button - which would appear in place of the pause button.
  • To Cancel a subscription you can click on the Cancel button.

Understanding Subscription States:

Subscription states represent distinct phases in the lifecycle of a subscription, each reflecting a different status or condition of the subscription agreement. These states serve as valuable indicators for merchants to monitor the health and progression of their subscription-based services. Here's a breakdown of the various subscription states:

  • ACTIVE: An active subscription state indicates that the subscription is currently active and functioning as intended.

  • PAST DUE: A past-due state suggests that the subscription is overdue for payment. Customers may need to update their payment information to resolve this state.

  • UNPAID: An unpaid state denotes that the payment for the subscription has not been successfully processed. This could be due to issues with the payment method or insufficient funds.

  • CANCELED: A canceled subscription state implies that the customer has intentionally terminated their subscription agreement.

  • INCOMPLETE: An incomplete state suggests that the subscription setup process has not been completed. This could occur if the payment information was not fully entered.

  • INCOMPLETE EXPIRED: This state is similar to the incomplete state but indicates that the setup process was not completed within a specified timeframe.

  • TRAILING: A trailing state signifies a phase after a subscription's end date, where payment processing may still be occurring to account for potential delays in payment transfer.

  • ALL: The all state typically indicates that all possible subscription states are being considered or displayed.
  • ENDED: An ended state marks the natural conclusion of a subscription's duration, indicating that no further payments will be processed.

  • PAUSED: A paused state denotes a temporary halt in subscription payments and services. Subscriptions can typically be resumed from this state.
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