Subscription page

There are 2 ways to view the subscriptions on the plan you have created. 

  1. On the plan detail page at the bottom of the screen you will be able to view a data table displaying the subscriptions associated with the respective plan. 
  2. Click the subscriptions sub-tab to view all the subscriptions associated with your merchant account. 
    1. The Subscriptions subtab will display each individual subscription. As shown in the screenshot below.

By clicking on the row of the subscription you wish to view. It will open the subscription detail page. 

Details of the subscription detail page:

The subscription detail page offers comprehensive insights into the details, progress, and history of a particular subscription. Divided into distinct sections, each housing specific data points, this page provides merchants with the information they need to effectively manage subscriptions.

  • Subscription Details: This section displays data related to the subscription itself.
    • Subscription ID: A unique identifier assigned to the subscription, enabling easy tracking and referencing.
    • Price Amount: The monetary value associated with the subscription.
    • Balance: The remaining balance in the subscription, reflecting payments made and any outstanding amounts.
    • Start Date: The date when the subscription commenced.
    • Status: The current status of the subscription, indicating whether it's active, paused, or canceled.
    • Billing Cycle: The cycle at which billing occurs, such as monthly or annually.
    • Created At: The timestamp indicating when the subscription was initially created.
    • Updated At: The timestamp of the last update made to the subscription.

  • Plan Details: This section highlights details about the subscribed plan.

    • Plan ID: A unique identifier for the subscribed plan.
    • Name: The name of the subscribed plan, providing clarity about the offering.
    • Type: Whether the plan is a one-time payment or recurring subscription.
    • Price Amount: The cost of the plan.
    • Interval: The frequency at which payments occur, such as weekly, monthly, etc.
    • Description: A brief explanation of the plan's features and benefits.
    • Active: Indicates whether the plan is currently active or not.
    • Apply Amount Change on Existing Subscriptions: Whether changes in the plan's price will affect existing subscriptions.

  • User Details: This section presents information about the user associated with the subscription.

    • User ID: A unique identifier for the user, facilitating user-specific actions.
    • First Name: The first name of the user.
    • Last Name: The last name of the user.
    • Email: The email address associated with the user's account.
    • Phone Number: The contact number provided by the user.

  • Transactions: The transactions section serves as a log of all financial activities related to the subscription.

    • Data Table: A tabulated display presenting transaction-specific information.
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