Plan page

How to create a plan

  • On the top right corner of the Plans subtab you’ll find a Create Plan button.

  • When you click on the Create Plan button a Price Information tab will pop up.

  • Here you can enter the plan details such as:

  • Plan Name: Enter a distinctive name for the plan, ensuring clarity among your offerings. Your plan name can include special characters such as: "-" & "_", However cannot solely be special characters”.

  • Price: Specify the cost associated with the subscription plan, accurately reflecting its value.

  • Currency: Indicate the currency in which the subscription plan's price will be billed.

  • Product ID: Input a unique identification code for the subscription plan, simplifying management.

  • Interval: Select the billing frequency, such as:
  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • Monthly,
  • Annually, 

to define the subscription plan's cycle.

  • Interval Count: Set the number of times the interval occurs within the billing cycle, aligning with the subscription duration. 

  • Number of Billing Cycles: Specify the total occurrences of the subscription's billing cycle, offering flexibility in subscription duration. If you want the subscription to last for an indefinite period of time set the interval count to “0”

  • Type: Choose between 'One Time' or 'Recurring' to define whether the payment is a single occurrence or regularly repeated.

  • Trial Period: Provide a trial duration before regular payments begin, allowing users to explore the subscription's benefits before committing.


  • Once you’ve entered the plan details you can go ahead and click on the Create Plan button at the end of the tab.

How to filter a plan on your merchant dashboard:

  • From the subscriptions main page you will be able to view the plans you have created on your merchant dashboard.
  • Using the plan_ID of the plan you are looking for, enter that information on the search bar,
  • Press enter
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