What are subscriptions

A subscription refers to a customer's commitment to a specific plan, authorizing automatic and recurring payments. In essence, a plan outlines the details of what a customer is subscribing to, including its price, billing frequency, and features. When a customer subscribes to a plan, a subscription is created, signifying their ongoing commitment to that plan and enabling automated payment processing. Thus, a plan is the offering presented to customers, while a subscription is the ongoing agreement established by a customer to avail of that plan's benefits through regular, automated payments.

How does it work?

  • When a customer selects a plan on your merchant website, they’ll be redirected to Safepay where they can sign up by saving a card.

  • They must save their card to be eligible for Subscriptions as any recurring payment will automatically be charged to that particular saved card.

  • The customer will receive an email confirmation every time their card is charged.
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