How to pay using Abhi wallet

This document will give you a guide on how to make payments using Abhi wallet through Safepay.

  1. Once you land on Safepay checkout screen either through website or through quick link, you will see the following screen

  1. Once you are on the checkout screen, select Wallets on checkout

  1. Once you are on the Wallets page, you will see multiple wallets listed there, you will only see the ones your merchant has approved of. Once you click on Abhi you will see the following screen pop up

  1. Once you see the pop up, add CNIC, Phone number & Email address that you have registered with when getting onboarded with Abhi. Once you have entered the information, click on Authorize.

  1. Once your credentials are validated and authorization is completed, you will be taken to the OTP screen. Once you have entered the correct OTP that you have received on your phone, you will have 300 seconds to make the payment

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