How do I update my Safepay user account and business information

When creating a Safepay account, you or someone else on your team would have provided some information about your business. If you ever have the need to update your profile or business information, this can easily be done from your dashboard settings.

How do I update my Safepay Business Profile?

Your Safepay Business Profile holds key information about you, the owner of the business. Here you have your store name, store description and display image shown to your customers when they checkout using Safepay. On this page, you are able to change or add these details to make your profile more complete. Here is an image illustrating what the profile settings page looks like:

Let's break down each of the fields:

  1. Name: This is the name of the store customers see on the checkout page.
  2. Description: This is the description of your store customer see on checkout page.
  3. Website: This is your store website that customer can visit to learn more about your business.
  4. Phone: This is the support number on which customers can call for inquiries.

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