Example proprietorship letter

If you are a sole proprietor, we require a declaration of sole proprietorship in the format below. We know this takes time, so we have tried to make this as simple for you as possible through this guide. We explain how you can create a declaration of sole proprietorship and send this to us.


  1. Copy and paste the below document in to a text editor (like Microsoft Word, or Google Docs). We have provided the footnotes to this document for explanation purposes only - please remove these from the document you prepare!
  2. Please put your logo or branding on the document
  3. Fill details such as date, proprietorship name, authorized signatory name and proprietor/owner names 
  4. Sign the document yourself
  5. Send a scanned copy of this to support@getsafepay.com

Here is a link to the below create a declaration of sole proprietorship you can copy, paste, fill out and get signed: Propreitor-Authority-Letter.pdf

Notes to template declaration of sole proprietorship

Number What you need to do
1 A letterhead normally has your business' name and logo
2 Enter your own full name
3 We expect to see a recently passed Authority Letter
4 Understand how you will use the Safepay Services for your business and what rate has been agreed between us for this
5 Insert the name of your business (what your customers normally refer to you as)
6 Insert the link to the website that you are linking to the Safepay Services (where you expect your customers to shop with you from)
7 Make sure the KYC documentation you have provided us is valid and up-to-date
8 Understand that we use financial partners to provide the Safepay Services
9 We need this to ensure which account is being credited by Safepay
10 We need this to ensure which account is being credited by Safepay
11 We need this to ensure which account is being credited by Safepay. Your bank will be able to provide you this
12 We need to know if you have authorized who we deal with to discuss information in relation to the Safepay Services

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