Bill settlement

This document explains how settlement of funds normally works through bill payments processed through Safepay. We partner with Haball to provide this service so you may see their logo in use in places. 

Important to note

The dates and timelines provided in this document are provided for information purposes. Due to situations out of our control, such as public holidays, settlement may be delayed. If you have any questions on settlement please reach out to us at

To see when a captured transaction will be credited to your Linked Bank Account you can click the ? icon next to a transaction or view your payment details to see this.

Depending on the number of transactions you process in a day through Safepay using bills, settlement will occur in a  batch in your account.

This means that you will see all your Safepay transactions for the previous time period in aggregate, not broken down per transaction. You should use your Safepay dashboard to reconcile payments by your customers processed through Safepay and the amount settled in your linked bank account.

Example: you have processed 5 payments through Safepay on Tuesday of Rs 100 each, the settlement amount in your bank account on Wednesday will appear as 1 entry of Rs 500. This will appear as "AC TRANSFER CR" on your bank statement. 

Day customer pays you  Day money settles in your account    
(end of next working day)
Example customer payment timeline Example settlement timeline
Monday  Tuesday 22nd March 2021 23rd March 2021
Tuesday  Wednesday  23rd March 2021 24th March 2021
Wednesday  Thursday  24th March 2021 25th March 2021
Thursday  Friday  25th March 2021 26th March 2021
Friday Monday 26th March 2021 29th March 2021
Saturday Monday  27th March 2021 29th March 2021
Sunday Monday  28th March 2021 29th March 2021
Day before public holiday Next working day  13th August 2020 15th August 2020
Public holiday  Next working day  14th August 2020
(Pakistan Zindabad!)
15th August 2020

Settlement details on your Merchant Dashboard

To see expected settlement timelines for captured transactions on your Merchant Dashboard, you can access this by clicking the ? next to a payment or by going into the Payment Details of a captured transaction as shown below.

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