How to pay a bill

Follow these steps to pay a bill sent to you by your merchant. With Safepay you can now pay your merchant in cash from anywhere in Pakistan your mobile and internet banking apps.
To see which bank or mobile wallet you can use please see this list of financial institutions in Pakistan.

Please Note 

Safepay has partnered with another financial institution in Pakistan to provide our billing service. You will see references to Haball and the following logo while making a payment through your mobile or internet banking. 

This is the Haball logo.

  • You will have received an email from your merchant. Please access the email address you would have provided to your merchant for them to send you your bill. 
  • This will generate a payment voucher created by Haball. This contains important information like your name, the beneficiary company (the merchant you will pay's name should be visible here). If you are paying by cheque or cash you will have to print out this depositor's slip. If you are paying from your online mobile or internet banking portal you do not need to print out this depositor's slip.

How to pay online using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

  • To see which bank or mobile wallet you can use please see this list of financial institutions in Pakistan. 
  • Log in to your online banking portal (web or mobile app). Go to the Bills section of your app where “Haball” will be displayed as a biller. In some banking portals you may have to go to the Others section like below


  • After clicking on Haball, you will need to enter the data from your Haball voucher. The title of the text field can be different depending on your internet or mobile banking provider. This is usually called a Consumer ID or PS ID or Payment ID. This is the same 16-digit Payment ID that is present on your Haball voucher.

  • By entering your Payment ID, your banking portal will display the payment amount. 


  • Upon confirmation, your bank account will be debited and the bill's status will change to paid. You may receive a confirmation message from your banking app like below. Your merchant will be automatically notified of your payment. 

Cash or cheque

Follow these instructions:

  • Print out the Haball payment voucher. Fill out the payment voucher with the required information (such as your name, CNIC number, contact number etc) and submit this to the bank teller. 
  • Visit any bank and present this to the bank teller.
  • Choose Cash or Cheque. If you use cash, please make sure you have the entire amount in cash with you.  If you use a cheque please list the details of the cheque used in the Haball payment voucher - you will have to present this as well as the cheque you  use.
  • Once payment is received by the teller, a transaction would be initiated where the bill would be paid. 
  • You do not need to provide the teller at the bank with any information in relation to the transaction.

This video shows you how to create Safepay Bills

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