How to create a bill

Have large transaction sizes or multiple customers that you need to bill? Safepay Bills lets you send invoice links to your customers easily and lets them pay you even more easily. 

How to create a Safepay Bill

  • In Bills, you will see all your existing bills and a green button to Create Bills

  • Click on Create Bills to create a new bill. A pop-up screen will appear, click on click here to download a template to download a sheet that you can update yourself. 

Please Note 

To create multiple bills at the same time download the CSV bill template and enter the following details on each row:

Amount: The total amount bill needs to be (Only numeric field)
Currency: This needs to remain PKR (Don't change this field)
Reference Number: It is a unique identifier assigned to any financial transaction (you can assign it manually for your record-keeping and use it as a primary key)
Email Address: An email will be sent to this email address with bill and instructions to make payment for the bill
Contact Number: Mobile number of the person whom you're sending bill for payment
First Name: First name of the person who will be making the payment
Last Name: Last name of the person who will be making the payment
The CSV format sheet looks like this ( here is the template for your reference)

  • Now upload your bills CSV by clicking on Select file 
  • After uploading the file, you will see a loading pop up on the bottom right side, which will show the uploading progress

  • Once the upload is complete, you will see all the entered bills will start coming up under the Bills screen. For every Bill, an email will be sent to mentioned email addresses in each row

  • Your customer will receive an email with Bill information.
  • Once the customer has made the payment you will receive an email regarding the transaction and the status of the Bill will change from Unpaid to Paid 

By clicking on three dots right now you can go into the transaction detail page which will show you all the transaction data

How to update a Safepay Bill

You can make changes to the bill till the customer has not made the payment, every time you update the amount an email notification will be sent to the customer that the bill has been updated

This video shows you how to create Safepay Bills

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