Terms of Service and Use

If you are a merchant that wants to use the Safepay Services, you must agree to our Terms of Service and Use. As a responsible business, we are required by our financial partners and the State Bank of Pakistan to clearly document our legal relationship with you. 

A template of the agreement you will need to sign electronically with us is available here: Terms of Service and Use. A web-friendly version of this is available here.

You should read this agreement thoroughly and engage an independent legal adviser if you have any confusion in understanding this. It covers the following:

No.  Topic Reason this is important
1 Your Transactions using the Services How we expect the Safepay Services to be used for legitimate and legal transactions
2 When we can refuse a Transaction This is usually due to suspicious activity on your account. For example this could be large-sized orders, or many orders placed during a short period of time
3 Disputes, reversals and refunds How we will interact with you if a customer that has paid you is unhappy with the goods or services you have provided them
4 Your relationship with your Customers How we expect you to deal with your customers
5 Payments to you How payments are made to you through the Safepay Services, including settlement timeline
6 Taxes  Your responsibility as to taxes
7 Charges  Our fees in relation to the Safepay Services
8 Safepay Support The support that we provide you in relation to your Safepay Account
9 Suspension of your Safepay Account When we can suspend your Safepay Account. This usually has to do with suspicious activity on your account that we need to investigate
10 Termination of your Safepay Account  When we can terminate your Safepay Account. This usually follows an investigation into suspicious activity on your account

The authorised signatory for the merchant will need to sign this agreement electronically with Safepay. 

The Safepay Support Team will provide instructions as to how to sign this document during the on-boarding process.

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