How to re-enable Safepay Checkout

This guide explains how you can re-enable Safepay checkout from your e-commerce website. This is relevant for merchants who disabled Safepay Checkout in the past but our plugin is still installed on their store. 

By re-enabling Safepay Checkout back on to your site Safepay Checkout will display as a mode of payment for customers to select during the checkout process. If you're testing Safepay Checkout in sandbox mode then It's recommended to do it during low traffic hours because your customer may think they can pay you through Safepay and this will inconvenience your customer and could also result in you dispatching goods or services without having been paid. 

Depending on which plug-in you are using with Safepay you can click below to find how to enable this.

  1. How to enable Safepay for Shopify stores
  2. How to enable Safepay for WooCommerce stores
  3. How to enable Safepay for OpenCart stores
  4. How to enable Safepay for Magento stores


1. Login to your Shopify Admin Panel

2. Navigate to  Payment Setting from  your Shopify Admin Panel (Setting > Payment Providers)

3. Click on Edit in front of  "Safepay is active" (under Alternative payment methods)

Now click on  Reactivate Safepay at the bottom of the page to reactivate Safepay Checkout


1. Login to your Shopify Admin Panel

2. Navigate to  WooComerce Settings from Admin Panel

3. Click on the  Payments tab 

4. Switch on the  disabled toggle beside Safepay 

5. Safepay will be enabled on your website


1. Login to your OpenCart Admin Panel

2. Navigate to the Extensions page and from the drop-down menu select Payments

2. From the  Payments module list select Safepay (click on the edit button)

3. From the status dropdown choose  Enabled

4. Click on the save button and Safepay will be enabled on your website


1. Login to your Magento Admin Panel

2. Navigate to  Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods from your admin panel

2. Under  Other Payment Methods click on Safepay to view configurations

3. From the top field  Enabled select Yes (from dropdown) for reactivating Safepay Checkout and click on Save Config on the top right button

Important note

While reactivating Safepay Checkout on your site, please make sure to check the relevant mode in which you wish to use Safepay checkout. Sandbox / Test Mode is for testing transactions and Production / Live mode is for accepting payments in live mode. If you're testing integration and your account is not yet approved you can only use Safepay Checkout on sandbox mode.

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